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eBook Examples

Book Creator for iPad

Inspirational Examples

Note that audio inserted into eBooks before May 2014 with the Book Creator app is currently "broken" by iOS8. A re-export of the eBook from Book Creator is required. (If you're using an iPad running iOS and audio in the examples below doesn't work, this is probably why. This change does NOT affect iBooks for MacOS.)
  1. Our Batak House by Yogi Nainggolan (by @janeinjava - backstory: The Backpack Classroom Part 1)
  2. Creating Authentic Stories for iPad: Publishing Student Authors on the iBooks Store by @janeinjavaOS
  3. 30+ eBooks created by educator Jane Ross (@janeinjava)
  4. Our Favorite Books (3rd graders, Oklahoma Public Schools, Oklahoma)
  5. 5th Graders Create eBooks on Idioms (Sue Hooge, Yukon Public Schools, Oklahoma)
  6. Faraway Friends (backstory - inspired by @janeinjava)
  7. Book Creator Poetry Books (via @dreamambition)


Mrs. G's Turkeys by Lori Gasparik, Misty Sampson & Jonathan Smith (no audio)
Other Primary Grades

Phonics Using Book Creator (audio recordings including singing, videos, published to YouTube) by @mcoutts81