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These are resources supporting workshops and coaching/mentoring at Maryetta School.

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December 2014 Meetings

January 2015

February 2015

Easy Blogger Jr.

Creating a Blogger blog (best done from your computer)

Setting up Easy Blogger Jr.

Saving Images and videos from iPads to your Laptop or Computer

Using a charging cable from the iPad

Using Dropbox

Use your Dropbox account and the dropbox app to move images and files.  

(Set up Dropbox with this link: https://db.tt/SoEDefs)

    Log into Dropbox on the iPad

    Touch the folder where you want to put the images and videos

    Click on the three little dots on the top of the dropbox header

    Choose "add files".

    Choose "photos"

    Choose the files you wish to upload to DropBox

    Choose "upload"

Using Apple TV

        Switch your video feed to the Apple TV (black connector)

        On an iPad:

                Pull up from the bottom of the screen and choose "Airplay"

                Tap the name of YOUR Apple TV

                Scroll  that menu up and make sure "Mirroring" is on (green)

                Enter the password for your Apple TV.

    (REMEMBER, use the projector remote button "A/V Mute" to temporarily hide all that is being shown on the screen... push it again to show.


April 2015

Blogger Settings

    To get more comments make it easier to comment and moderate the comments.

    1. Go to Blogger.com

    2. Log in and select your blog

    3. On the left side select "Settings"

    4. Select "Posts and Comments"

            Change "Who can comment?" to ANYONE

            Change "Comment Moderation" to ALWAYS

            Make sure you have a good email address for the moderation request to be sent to you.

    5. CLICK "SAVE SETTINGS" at the top of the page.