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Quick Edit iPad Videography


Narrated Slideshows include still images with accompanying audio narration, and may also include annotations which make the videos into screencasts. In this workshop, participants will learn to use the free iPad app EduCreations to create narrated slideshows/screencasts, as well as the commercial (and much more flexible/powerful) iPad app Explain Everything. Participants will also learn to use the free YouTube Capture app for iPad to upload videos to a professional YouTube channel.

Intro: The 1 iPad Classroom & Why to Use Twitter

YouTube for Education Resources

  1. March 2012 stat: For every minute of YouTube video watched, 60 hours are uploaded
  2. YouTube spends $100 million to redefine TV (Jan 2012)
  3. One Hour Per Second (YouTube visualization)
  4. Minecraft Tutorial Videos Playlist Example
  5. YouTube Teacher Institute Curriculum (July 2011)
  6. Creating Educational Videos for YouTube by Marty Brandl
  7. Temporarily Copy Offline YouTube Videos to Your iPad (Jan 2012)
  8. Vimeo or YouTube? Where to Post Family Videos? (Feb 2012)
  9. Videos for PD (Wesley Fryer)
  10. Guide to YouTube Removals (EFF)
  11. Manage Multiple YouTube Channels with 1 Google Account (Jul 2013)

Quick Edit How-To / Tutorials

  1. HOW-TO: Quick-edit Videography with iMovie for iPad
  2. Basic Online Video Editing with YouTube
  3. iPad Quick Edit Videography (free video PD) - May 2012

Quick Edit Video Examples

  1. Lead Bullets Video Example (> 18K views)
  2. Jacob's Ladder Tutorial (>150,000 views - by Alexander)
  3. Trapper's Rendezvous 2010: Trading an Alligator Tooth for a Laptop
  4. Engineering Design Project (8th grade)
    1. Draft Design for a Complex Machine to Generate Electricity from Water Power
    2. Good Things Can Come From Science and Engineering Projects in School
    3. Alexander Answers Questions About His Simple Machine Project with AudioBoo
  5. The Hobbit in 5 Minutes - Actor's Commentary: The Hobbit in 5 Minutes
  6. Digitizing Student Portfolios with an iPod Touch
  7. Storychasing NASA History at Space Center Houston
  8. Marcus Truelove's YouTube Channel (8th grade US History, Yukon Middle School)
  9. (not an iPad) 72 Years of Free Barbecue (more info)
  10. More on Spring 2012 YPS Interactive Teacher Websites
  11. Movie Trailer Examples:
    1. Playing with Media Trailer
    2. The Cookie Monster: An Absence of Cookies (made during today's workshop by 9th grader, Alex Fryer)
  12. Developing Communication Skills With YouTube & iPad Videos (read more background)

Project 1: Parody Student Expectations Video

  1. With your iPad, record video Interviews with at least 5 other people who answer the question BACKWARDS: What are your most important expectations for student learning in your classroom?
  2. Edit and publish the video to your YouTube channel using the YouTube Capture app (free)
  3. Examples: Teacher Video, Administrator MovieWhen I Become a Librarian Movie
  4. Share your project back with our class by emailing the link to your project to: wfryer.ksuipad@blogger.com
  5. View others' projects (and yours) on http://ipadmediacamp.blogspot.com.

Project 2: Storychaser Interview Video

  1. With your iPad, record video Interviews with 3 - 5 other people who answer an open-ended interview question. Aim to create a 2-3 minute video Share your idea for an interview with your workshop facilitator.
  2. Select a different THEME in iMovie for iPad.
  3. Use several different "lower third" text annotations during your video.
  4. Here are ideas for interview topics:
    1. If you were in the Kansas legislature or the Kansas Secretary of Education, how would you act to improve public education in our state?
    2. What are some of the most significant things you've learned at iPad Media Camp so far?
  5. Edit and publish the video to your YouTube channel
  6. Share your project back with our class by emailing the link to your project to: wfryer.ksuipad@blogger.com
  7. View others' projects (and yours) on http://ipadmediacamp.blogspot.com.

Check out participant videos linked on ipadmediacamp.posterous.com.

YouTube Comment Moderation

It is VERY important to turn comment moderation ON for each YouTube video you upload. Unfortunately, it is NOT possible at this time to make comment moderation the DEFAULT setting for a YouTube channel.

Example Teacher Videos for Project 2

Using Technology (3 min - Teachers share innovative ways they've integrated technology in their classrooms and been inspired to use technology in transformative ways during iPad Media Camp)
Cancer (1.5 min - a teacher shares powerful lessons she learned with her students about courage and perseverance)
iPad Media Camp Recommendations (2.5 min - discusses reasons to create student digital portfolios, why "Explain Everything" is a powerful app, and more app recommendations for teachers)
Advice To New Parents (3 min - Teachers share sage advice for a soon-to-be mom)
Digital Books Vs Traditional Books (1.5 min - an 8 year old shares her thoughts on the benefits of eBooks)

iMovie for iPad Trailer Videos

Join A Positive Group from Autumn Laidler on Vimeo.

The Food Chain from Autumn Laidler on Vimeo.

More great ones on Chicago Elementary Teacher Autumn Laidler's Vimeo Channel!

Salmonella (1:02 via @val6dan)

Salmonella from Michael Himlie on Vimeo.