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2010 COV Workshops Schedule (archived)

School / Organization Funding Source Projected Date Projected Location Facilitators Notes
Hulbert Public Schools (21)  TitleIID (reg) 12-14 Mar 2010 Hulbert, OK Dawn Danker (c), Vicki Hull (c), Christine Paradise (c) Can host in-district, new XP computers
Lowrey School District (12)
TitleIID (reg)  12-14 April 2010 Lowrey, OK Wes Fryer (c), Melissa Wilson (c)

 Dates are confirmed.
Tipton Public Schools (15)  
TitleIID (reg) 18-20 May 2010 Tipton, OK Wes Fryer (c), Melissa Wilson (c), Don Wilson Sr. (c) Dates are confirmed.
Depew Public School (11)  TitleIID (reg) 24-26 May 2010 Depew, OK Sherri Pankhurst (c), Amy Boecker (c)
District uses Macs.
Mid-Del Schools (19)  TitleIID (reg) 26-28 May 2010 Midwest City, OK Wesley Fryer (c), Anita Friend (c), Don Wilson (c) District lab is Mac but can run XP.
Stuart Public School (9) -Buffalo Valley (8)- Lane (9) TitleIID (reg) 2-4 Jun 2010 Stuart, OK Sherri Pankhurst (c), Joanie Gaskins (c), Christine Paradise (c)
Have 3 WinXP school labs. School will be glad to have another district join if possible.
Healdton PS (20) TitleIID (reg) 7-9 June 2010 Healdton, OK Sherri Pankhurst (c), Whitney Allen (c),  Vicki Hull (c) Dates are confirmed.
Haworth School District (20) TitleIID (reg) 9-11 Jun 2010Haworth, OK Dana Owens-DeLong (c), Christine Paradise (c), Amy Boecker (c) District has 1 year old XP computers.
Jay PS (22) TitleIID (reg) 14-16 June 2010 Jay, OK Joanie Gaskins (c), Dawn Danker (c), Melissa Wilson (c) Dates are confirmed. 3 others are attending at Oaks Mission, did NOT keep extra 3 backpacks (paid for 25)
Newkirk PS (24) TitleIID (reg) 16-18 Jun 2010 Newkirk, OK Wesley Fryer  (c), Christine Paradise (c), Vicki Hull (c) Dates are confirmed. 1 more will attend later, kept extra backpack (paid for 25) High School lab.
Boise City Public Schools (20)  TitleIID (reg) 23-25 Jun 2010 Boise City, OK Melissa Wilson (c), Christie Paradise (c), Vickie Hull (c) Dates are confirmed.
Spavinaw Public Schools (11) 

TitleIID (reg) 28-30 Jun 2010 Spavinaw, OK Vickie Hull (c), Amber Otey (c) Dates are confirmed.
Window XP Professional
internet available. No WiFi
Oaks Mission Public Schools (11) - Jay PS (3) TitileIID (reg) 14-16 Jul 2010          Kansas, OK             Joanie Gaskins (c), Sherri Pankhurst (c)
Dates are confirmed.
Muskogee Public Schools (25)  Title IID (reg) 28 - 30 Jul 2010 Muskogee, OK Vickie Hull (c), Rachael Ranallo (c), Whitney Allen (c) Dates are confirmed.
Milfay Public Schools (10) TitleIID (reg) 2-4 Aug 2010 Milfay, OK Joanie Gaskins (c), Whitney Allen (c) Lab computers run XP, bought in 2006. Are willing to attend at SDE.
Calumet Public School (24) TitleIID (reg) 11-13 Aug 2010 Calumet, OK Joanie Gaskins (c), Edna Parrish (c), Whitney Allen Dates are confirmed.